Surah Yusuf

ALLAH (SWT) gives someone the best gift is Hidayah (Spiritual Guidance). One of the holy Quran’s most beautiful Surahs is Surah Yusuf, which guides what a guided one can be like. Surah Yusuf is attributed as the Ahsan-ul-Qasas (the most inspiringly Beautiful Narration).  The Surah has 111 Ayats and is entitled and credited to Hazrat Yusuf (Joseph) (Alehe-a-Salam). The whole account of Surah revolves around the afflictive odyssey of Prophet Yusuf’s ordeal. Surah Yousaf descended in Mecca before some years of Hijra and it is called Makki surah in Quran. Surah Yusuf is very beneficial for victory in legal cases, restoration to your suspended official position in your jobs, the desire for a baby boy, pregnancy, and many more. Today, we bring Surah Yusuf Benefits that can heal your ordeal and help you ease your plights. 

Benefits of Surah Yusuf

Every Surah of the Quran is gifted with some great benefits so is the Surah Yusuf. You can earn a couple of impressive gains from the recitation of the Surah Yusuf. With the help of ulema, Mashaikh (learned ones of Sharia), and Huffaz, we bring you some benefits of Surah Yousaf and how to practice them with authentic methods accordingly.

For Restoration to a Suspended Official Position

Employment matters to all of us. It is uniquely fascinating when you do it with a distinctive position or authority. However, sometimes, you may get disposition or termination from your official authority, likely due to the evil eyes of your imprecatory haters, a test from Allah, or a pogrom of a sin. Whatsoever the case is, Surah Yousaf is best for any of such ordeals to lose your job. It is advised that a terminated one should recite Surah Yousaf to get his job back with honor and credit. The most likely case is if you can’t get the rank back, Allah will surely bless you with a more blessed job in place of your lost one.

How to Recite Surah Yousaf for Getting a Job Back or New One?

The admitted method by the major school of thought to recite Surah Yousaf is below.

Recite Surah Yousaf after making ablution for 40 Nights (after Isha Prayer is recommended). Soon after reciting the Surah, recite Durood Sharif and pray earnestly to Allah (SWT) to beg for your position. Your position will be restored or blessed with a better position in a new place thanks to Barakah (blessings) of this Surah.

For Victory in a Legal Case

Surah Yusuf also tends to give strength to winning a legal suit, especially when a judge or jury is formidable. The blessings of Surah Yousaf will render you to win the case against the hard judge or opponent. The charismatic effects of the Surah have brought justice with victory to many invokers, so, if you or one of your family or friends undergoes a plight of the lawsuit. Recommend this Surah to him. Insha’Allah, justice will be awarded to him soon.

How to Recite Surah Yusuf for Winning a Court Case

One of the Muftis we asked from says Surah Yusuf should be recited 13 times consecutively in a single sitting (majlis). After the recitation, you should give some sadaqah (Charity) as per your ability. Then go straight to produce before the court. Insha’Allah, you will be awarded fair justice with respect and ease.

For a Male Offspring (Baby Boy)

Surah Yusuf is an amazing remedy for begging for a baby boy. It is tested that Allah (SWT) blesses a male offspring if a pregnant lady recites Surah Yusuf having the belief of Barakah of this Surah. The ulema Karam says that reciting Surah Yousaf is helpful in getting blessed with a baby boy, but also, the born baby boy comes beautiful, pious, and without any physical or mental deficiency.

How to Recite Surah Yusuf for Baby Boy

The pregnant lady should recite Surah Yusuf herself for 4 months of pregnancy soon after she knows her pregnancy. The suspired water should get in her daily intake and suspire onto her belly.

Importance of Surah Yusuf with Hadiths

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said, “May Allah have mercy upon Lot. He had sought refuge in a strong pillar. If I had remained in prison for as long as Joseph, I would have accepted an offer of freedom.” Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 3207, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 151

Derived Benefit of Surah Yusuf from Hadith by the Imam

The Beloved Imam Jafar Ibn Muhammad As-Sadiq (A.S.) informed about various Benefits of Surah Yusuf, and also said that if a person drinks the water in which this Surah has been dissolved, written with saffron, then the person’s substance will be easier to him and he will be made from the people of Jannah.

Unique Attribution of Surah Yusuf

Allah (SWT) revealed this Surah to share the resolute of prophet Yousaf who was one of the total 12 sons of prophet Yakub (Jacob—A.S). Allah Subhana Wa’Ta’ala gave the real-life events as the most beautiful story in the Quran. The whole narration of the Surah discusses how the trial was tested on Hazarat Yusuf and how his steady level of belief (Iman) was rendered bestowed on Him. This Surah also highlights the splendid knowledge of prophet Yousaf (A.S) to interpret dreams perfectly. So, the reality of the dreams being true also validates from this Surah. Hazarat Yufuf’s (A.S) coming to the Egyptian throne was also shared after being acquitted by the royal court of the Aziz-e-Misar (Ruler of Egypt).

Final Thoughts

Ilmibook purpose is to bring you the most viable Quranic Aurad-O-Wazaif (Vigils & Practices of Quranic Surah for Specific Purposes) for the betterment of mankind. However, if you still undergo some hardships or spiritual challenges, recite Quran daily. As Surah Yusuf has lots of benefits so this recites surah Yusuf after fajr prayer and pray whatever you want from ALLAH.

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