Surah Naas

Surah Naas is the 114th and final Surah of the Holy Quran. Its name, “Naas,” translates to “The Men.” There are only six verses in this Surah. It was revealed in Mecca and is thus classified as a “Makki Surah“. In terms of revelation order, Surah Naas is 21st. Juza’ 30 refers to the 30th part of the Quran. There are lots of benefits of reciting surah an-naas it helps you cure diseases, protects you from black magic, the evil eye (Nazar) and keeps evil away, and many more benefits. Always recipe surah naas and Ayatul kursi before sleeping to get better protected.

Benefits of Surah Naas

Let’s discuss some benefits of Surah Naas by Hadith and Sunnah.

1. Cure Diseases and Serious illnesses

Surah An-Naas can be a great help when it comes to combating severe illnesses and diseases. The second verse of Surah Naas asks for protection from evil, including protection from health-related issues. By reading and reciting these verses, we can help to keep ourselves safe from harm.

All sorts of things can negatively impact a person’s health, both physically and mentally. This can include chronic illnesses, fevers, mental illness, and more. People need to be aware of these things so that they can take steps to protect their health and improve their quality of life. This surah has the same benefits as the benefits of Ayat e Shifa.

Hadith: How Prophet Mohammad SAW used both Surahs for sickness

Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) narrated:

“Whenever Allah’s Messenger SAW became sick, he would recite Mu’awwidhat (Surah Falaq and Surah Naas) and then blew His breath over His body. When he became seriously ill, I used to recite (these two Surahs) and rub his hands over his body hoping for its blessings.” [Bukhari 5016]

2. Protect from Black Magic

There’s no denying that black magic is real. In today’s world, where blood relatives can get jealous of their loved ones, you’re more vulnerable to attacks from evil jinns who work for their evil masters. Surah al Falak and Surah an-Naas are gifts from Allah that we can use to seek His refuge from internal and external evils. The whispering of Satan, jinn attacks, evil eye from those around us, jealousy, and envy are all poisonous enemies from which these beautiful chapters can safeguard us.

3. Protect from Jealous People

Jealousy is a dangerous and destructive emotion. It not only hurts the person who feels jealous, but it also harms the victim of that jealousy. Allah has warned us about this threat in the last verse of Surah Naas. We must take His warning to heart and create safe environments where jealous people will not harm us.

4. Every Created Thing Will be Safe From Evil

Surahs protect us from the evil that exists in all created things. We experience evil whenever we come into contact with or share something created.

This could include bad influences, negative people, and dangerous or harmful situations. Surah An-Naas is there to help us avoid these types of things.

There are two ways in which evil manifests itself:

In general, humans consider the following things dangerous to their lives and existence:

  • Many things in this world can hurt us. Snakes, scorpions, and dogs are just some of the animals that can cause us harm.
  • Then there are natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. And let’s not forget about the insects.
  • It is possible for mosquitoes to transmit several diseases, including dengue fever and malaria.
  • And there are also deadly insects like tapeworms. Then there are satan and its progeny. These are some of the things that can hurt us.

Evil can infiltrate or affect things that are not harmful, causing them to become dangerous, such as:

  • Water is essential for human life, but it can also be dangerous. Floods and heavy rains can kill people and destroy infrastructure.
  • Electricity is beneficial for humans, but it can also be deadly. Electric current can kill people if they are not careful.
  • People are not inherently evil but can become dangerous if evil forces take them over. This can threaten other humans’ life, health, business, and happiness.
  • Technology is beneficial, but it can also be dangerous. Road accidents, plane crashes, and new diseases can be caused by technology.

5. Protect from All kinds of Hidden Danger

In the human mind, detecting the seriousness and extent of hidden dangers is impossible, and they pose a high safety risk to humans.

The darkness is usually seen as immoral because it makes it harder for us to see things. However, there are benefits to the darkness as well. The darkness can represent the unknown and the things we can’t see. If we are unaware of something lurking in the dark, we need a higher power to protect us.

This verse can bring countless benefits to our lives as we go through moments where we are exposed to dangers. There are several threats a person can face, including:

  • There are many types of criminals, from those who steal and scam to those who commit fraud. But not all criminals are easy to spot.
  • Some may appear to be friends or well-wishers, but they could secretly plot against you.
  • Others may seem empathetic on the surface, but jealousy and competition could make them a threat to your safety.
  • And then there are hidden enemies and unlawful lusts that may attack through any medium.
  • So be vigilant and watch out for all types of criminals – they could be anywhere, waiting to strike.

6. Protection from the Evil Din and Evil Eye

Understanding and learning Surah Naas can provide many benefits. For example, this Surah can be a powerful weapon against evil eyes and jinns. Unfortunately, many Muslims are unaware of the dangers of evil jinns and the evil eye. As Allah has warned us through Prophet Mohammad SAW, evil jinns and evil eyes are powerful forces that destroy lives. These two threats (evil jinns and evil eyes) first impact the person’s mind and spiritual health. This manifests in the physical world as ailments, business losses, problems in relationships (marriage, family), etc.

7. Control over Waswasa (Evil Suggestions)

Waswasa is a term used to describe negative or evil thoughts, ideas, and feelings from Satan and outside sources (jinns and humans).

Suppose these thoughts and ideas are not replaced with positive ones suggested by Allah and His Prophet SAW. In that case, they can turn into delusion and force a person to do things that eventually create unwanted circumstances.

Surah Naas is a powerful tool that can help protect against waswasa and keep the mind free from negative thoughts.

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