The Bay View High School was established in 1994 and provided the highest quality education in Pakistan. One of Karachi’s leading private, coeducational schools is Bay View High School. Both the lower and higher levels of the school follow the British school system, which is aimed at helping students pursue their dreams. Students can use this system to solve any problem they face, whether personally or educationally.

Pakistan has one of the finest school systems because of its management system and affordable fee structures. Many students from all over Pakistan have applied for admission to this school because of this education system. This institution offers the best education and a variety of sports and activities that energize its students. 

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Fee structure of Bay View High School

A school’s fees are determined by the quality of education it provides. It’s impossible to know the exact fee of a school since fees change every year. The fee structure of Bay View High School is the following:

For the Year 2023-2024

Bay View High School Fees Structure


Reception to Prep-II

Grade-1 to 5

Grade: 6-8

Grade: 9-11

Tuition Fees x 12





Admission Fees





Security Deposit (Refundable)





Annual Charges x 1 : Every Year in Aug





Examination Fee : Twice a Year , Grade 5 & Onwards





Intercampus Transfer Fee





About Bay View High School

There are four campuses at Bay View High School, and thousands of students graduate yearly. Campuses differ in every way from each other and have their unique features. They use modern teaching methods and techniques to make him the best among the list of best schools.

They don’t just focus on intelligent students, as you may think. They work on dull students and encourage others to develop more thinking skills by helping each other. The following campuses use this method of teaching:

  • Bay View Preschool
  • Bay View Junior School
  • Bay View Middle School
  • O-levels and A-levels

Campuses provide education at different levels to different students. The Bay View High School teaches kindergarten through grade five. On the Bay View Junior Campus, you will receive education from 6th through 9th grade, while at the middle school, you will receive education from 10th and 11th grade.

Highly skilled and professional teachers will teach A-Levels and O-Levels on the College Campus. There are high-standard teachers at every level of education, so don’t worry. You will get abundant benefits, and your student will become a good person.

Final Thoughts

Here we have discussed the fee structure of Bayview High School. Check out the Bayview High School website to learn more about admission, fees, and rules and regulations regarding fee submission.

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