Multan colleges are well-known for their academic system and grades in the south Punjab region. In Multan, there are many both private and government colleges. Degree and specialty programs exist in colleges. If you are searching to find out the top best colleges in Multan then you are on an exact platform.

Top 10 Best Colleges In Multan for FSc

Given below is some important information, by going through it you will be able to select the best colleges for you.

1. Punjab College of Commerce Multan

Punjab College educates students on how to act rationally, think clearly, work hard, explain themselves effectively, and function ethically in all parts of life as they strive to build a bold, cohesive, and valuable nation. The Punjab Group includes many organizations in the fields of education, information technology, communications, and media.

At the college, co-curricular interests are also given a lot of emphases. The institution hosts welcome and farewell parties to help students to interact. Students can participate in amusement tours, scientific galleries, sports galas, funfairs, cultural days, concerts, workshops, and art exhibitions at the college.

Contact Details:

Address: Khanewal Rd, Al Mustafa Colony Shamsabad Colony, Multan

Phone: 0614510574

2. KIPS Multan

kips college multan bosan road

Another college on our list is the well-known KIPS college. Kips stands for ‘Knowledge in Preparatory School.’ It’s a for-profit academic institution. It provides high-quality education to students. Kips is a Pakistani corporation with around 150 campuses throughout the country. KIPS Colleges presently has 25 campuses spread across seven cities in Punjab and the Federal Capital.

The KIPS educational system has begun publishing, in which they provide unique remarks for their students based on their research wing. It is one of Multan’s most prestigious private institutions. The college emphasizes review and test sessions, counseling meetings, and scholarship possibilities in addition to regular lectures. Counselors are also available to students at the college for free educational sessions and career counseling.

Contact Details

Address: Bosan Rd, Multan, Punjab

Phone: 03054440510

3. Superior College Multan

superior College Multan

Superior College Multan is a one-of-a-kind institution with cutting-edge infrastructure, laboratory equipment, and, most importantly, highly qualified and motivated faculty members committed to providing the highest quality education. Superior College Multan has earned amazing educational success as a consequence of the sheer hard work and devotion of professors, administrators, and students alike. Superior has built a name for itself in Multan’s education sector, with top rankings on both the board and university. It offers all the intermediate and bachelor’s programs.

The Superior Group of Colleges adheres to a set of principles that include a sense of purpose, creativity and innovation, teamwork, excellence, and performance rewards. Education, study plans, and a high level of acknowledgment for great accomplishment all reflect this. Position-holding pupils are always lavishly honored with trophies, cash awards, and even vehicles. This prestigious recognition motivates our pupils to achieve even greater success in the future.

Contact Details:

Address: Mehmood Kot Metro Station, opposite Punjab College, Bahadurpur, Multan

Phone: 0616512531

4. Concordia College Multan

Concordia College Multan

Concordia Colleges is one of the projects of Beaconhouse. Students at Concordia College develop the knowledge, logic, and investigative abilities, which distinguish them from learners at other institutions that focus exclusively on actual memorization. Complete course information is collected and documented in interactive video sessions, keeping the curriculum and coursework fully updated. Concordia Colleges will nourish students’ skills to their maximum allowable capability as they progress through their academic track, thanks to their skilled professors and cutting-edge methodology.

The college is providing programs of FA, FSc Pre-medical, ICS, FSc Pre-engineering, and ICom. Now they are also offering some BS programs. Concordia Colleges’ unique culture fosters creativity, self-awareness, and personality. Concordia’s competitive edge is hard to emulate since it concentrates on novel ideas to encourage students to be fluent in optical, verbal, and interpersonal text.

Contact Details:

Address: 6F6F+6V5, Officers Colony, Multan, Punjab

Phone: 0616221918

5. Nishat College of Science Multan

Nishat College of Science Multan

Nishat College of Science Multan is a private school that provides education in a variety of topics. NGSC is an English Medium School dedicated to the area’s educational growth. The Nishat Group Of Schools And Colleges is a huge establishment in Multan that serves a large number of students from the surrounding area. This college is the ideal option if you want a good education at a reasonable price. It is a great institute in the field of science and technology.

The institution pledged to uphold strong education excellence, encourage student achievement, and provide possibilities for continuous improvement. Through a variety of curriculum and social, intellectual, and artistic activities, the College will encourage students to become well-informed, engaged, and valuable citizens who understand and value mankind.

Contact Details:

Address: Lodhi Colony Rd, Lodhi Colony, Multan

Phone: 03007300124

6. Government College of Science Multan

Government College of Science Multan

Government College of Science Multan is one of the most populous public colleges in Multan.   The college has affiliations with Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan and BISE Multan.  It has been significant in the academic growth of Southern Punjab by providing high-quality education to Multan Division students. Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Botany, and Zoology are among the 11 departments. All departments have well-trained personnel and well-equipped laboratories. FSC Pre-engineering, Pre-medical, FA, ICS, I.COM, and BS programs are available at the college.

Contact Details:

Address: Bosan Rd, Al Atta Colony, Multan

Phone: 0619210042

7. Central College Multan

Central College Multan

Central College is also one of the best colleges in Multan.  Central College was founded in Multan in 1992 as a non-profit organisation to give ambitious students with access to advanced degrees at a decent cost. Central College was the first public and private institution to provide cutting-edge programs like B.Sc in Computer Sciences when it initially opened its doors. Since then, they have retained unsurpassed quality, and the institution has grown to become Multan’s top institute, offering a diverse range of programmes taught by experienced people. Other than all the intermediate courses, they also offer bachelor’s degrees in economics, Natural sciences, commerce, business, law, and social sciences are the majors offered in the program, which span from intermediate to master’s levels.

Contact Details:

Address: 1-A Gulgushat Colony Near GolBagh, Bosan Rd, Multan

Phone: 0616221002

8. City College of Science and Commerce Multan

City College of Science and Commerce Multan

City College Of Science And Commerce is an excellent institution. It educates students of considerable quality. It aids in the development of our minds and personalities. It is located in the city’s center. It has a lovely structure. The rooms are well decorated and well-ventilated. In front of the institution is a huge playground. Books, newspapers, and periodicals are plentiful at the library. For practical instruction, there are large labs and workshops. There are separate hostels for boys and girls with all contemporary conveniences.

They do more than just educate; they also mentor students in their studies and extracurricular activities. The institution provides outstanding facilities for games and extracurricular activities such as debates, quizzes, literary activities, and other activities that assist students to discover their latent skills. Fsc, Icom, ICs, and other undergraduate programs are available at the college.

Contact Details:

Address: 18-A Bosan Rd, Officers Colony, Multan

Phone: 0616562281

9. Post Graduate College Multan

Post Graduate College Multan

It’s a government-based degree college in Multan. Post Graduate College Multan is among the city’s oldest and most famous educational institutions. Because of its high-quality education, highly skilled staff, and good research environment, the college has also been designated as a model educational institution. It employs a highly skilled teaching team. The professors are really pleasant and always willing to assist their students anytime they want assistance. They are excellent teachers who lead us through our academics and other activities.

Contact Details:

Address: Gulgasht Ave, near education board, Lodhi Colony, Multan

Phone: 03007388442

10. Aspire College Multan

Aspire Group of Colleges is among the best colleges in Pakistan. Its network is widely spread all over the country with more than 110 campuses in various cities. In Multan, the campus of Aspire is located in the new Shalimar Colony. The campus is having all the basic necessities and facilities for students. They offer Intermediate (FSc in pre-medical and pre-engineering, ICS, ICOM), Bachelors (Business administration, Science, Commerce, and Humanities), and Master in Commerce. This college also prepares students for different entry tests like ECAT, FUNGAT, LECAT, LNMDCAT, NUMS, and NMDCAT. The college also organizes events for students such as the Annual sports Gala, Sports day, and Aspire College Intelligence tests.

Contact Details:

Address: 6FWP+7CJ، Main Syedan Wala Chowk, Northern Bypass, New Shalimar Colony

Phone No: 0614424328


However, there are a lot of Best colleges and Universities in Multan for students. These colleges provide first-year admissions, but these are the best institutions in Multan for FSc, and you may select any of these universities. Visit the official websites of these colleges to learn more about them, including when intermediate enrollments will open and what the entry requirements are. Students interested in the FA, Fsc, Ics, and Icom programs can enroll in these colleges.

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