Every Islamic parent wants their kids to get proper Islamic education that can make them learn and understand Islam and be true Muslims. Nowadays getting proper Islamic education is not easy, the true Islamic education of Quran hidayah and sunnah. This can only be possible if you get admit your kids to id the best Islamic schools. If you are living in Leeds, UK, and searching for the best Islamic schools then you will find lots of Islamic institutions that can give your kids proper Islamic studies to become true Muslims.

Top 5 Best Islamic Schools In Leeds, UK

Here ilmibook has listed one of the best Islamic schools in Leeds, UK after getting google reviews and alumni feedback.

1. Al-Haadiyah Islamic School

Over the past ten years, Al Haadiyah has been providing Islamic education in Leeds.

In light of British values, we are striving to raise standards in the community in terms of morality, spirituality, and education. To achieve a more cohesive community, we strive for excellence in character, spirituality, and education. Our goal is to buy our building to help us achieve this on a larger scale. A local charity, Al-Haadiyah, has been operating for over a decade. Generally, Al haadiyah teaches social, moral, spiritual, and academic classes in the community on Saturdays. Al haadiyah community has realized that there is a need to raise standards in education, on top of the moral education in British values we provide, particularly amongst the youth. It will decrease barriers, increase aspirations, and ultimately lead to a more cohesive community by raising attainment levels among youth.

Each class in the school builds on several common themes.

  • Study of the Quran
  • Quranic Importance
  • Islamic Tajweed
  • Quran Tafseer
  • Quranic character building
  • Duas from the Quran

Contact Details

Address: Moor Allerton Hall Primary School, Lidgett Ln, Leeds LS17 6QP, UK

Phone No: 07957155352

2. Manor Wood Primary School

A modern building set in green fields four miles from the center of Leeds, Manor Wood Primary School offers excellent facilities. There are 60 children enrolled in our two-form entry school each year. Children are admitted at the start of their fifth academic year. Our excellent Foundation Stage Unit also includes a School Nursery which caters to Thirty-nine children for part of the week as part of the Foundation Stage Unit. This Manor Islamic school offers students a fun and engaging way to learn Arabic and Islamic Studies. A Quran competition is held annually, and children are taught to recite and learn the Quran.

Contact Details

Address: Carr Manor Rd, Moortown, Leeds LS17 5DJ, United Kingdom

Phone No: +441132689160

3. Dawatulimaan School

Scholars at Dawatulimaan School are expected to possess intellectual acumen and sincere piety, resulting from outstanding secular and traditional Islamic faith instruction. They will become effective faith leaders within the Muslim community and broader modern British society as a result of their well-rounded education. Students make strong progress and meet high academic and faith standards through a knowledge-rich curriculum. A variety of GCSE and A-level qualifications are awarded to students, including Ulama (Scholars) and Huffaaz. As citizens and future leaders, these qualifications prepare them for the following stages in their lives. Students and staff strive to do the right thing.  In all that they do, they demonstrate compassion, respect, and courtesy rooted in Islam’s tenets. They have an impeccable moral compass.

Contact Details

Address: Off Harry St, Wakefield Rd, Bradford BD4 9PH, United Kingdom

Phone No: +441274402233

4. Morley Newlands Academy

Making meaningful choices about the future through the best possible platform. Offering a range of rich experiences in our curriculum aims to inspire young minds and enhance children’s understanding of the world around them. Morley Newlands Academy work ensures that all its children live in a community that celebrates and embraces their differences. Children and their families are nurtured through solid relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Schools encourage parents and caregivers to actively participate in their children’s learning through regular communication and visits. The Quran is taught alongside skills for critical thinking, creativity, and communication. A monthly Islamic theme is featured at this new Islamic school in Leeds, along with a variety of Islamic events, competitions, and initiatives.

Contact Details

Address: Wide Ln, Morley, Leeds LS27 8PG, United Kingdom

Phone No: +441133231890

5. Allerton High School

The core purpose of Allerton High school is to enable young people to succeed in Islamic values. Allerton wants all students to achieve the best they can, become independent learners, and acquire the skills needed for success in an ever-changing world. The main goal is to make them feel valued, happy, and confident. Bringing this idea to life and providing what we consider a first-class education involves working closely with our community, parents, and guardians. Tolerance, courtesy, honesty, kindness, perseverance, aspiration, and hard work are values we value

It is a caring school that values the individual and aims to develop its community. To achieve this, we create an environment that promotes learning and demands the highest behavior standards.

Contact Details

Address: King Ln, Leeds LS17 7AG, United Kingdom

Phone No: +441132034770


Here at Ilmibook you have found the best Islamic schools in Leeds, UK. By studying in any of these Islamic schools your kids can get proper Islamic education that can increase their religious knowledge and in the future, if they want to be an Islamic scholar then it would be very beneficial for them. Also by getting an education from here they can also easily get admission to any of the best universities for higher studies.

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