The Happy Home School, often known as HHS, is a chain of eight educational facilities serving students from three to sixteen years old in Karachi, Pakistan. The Matriculation and GCE O-Level exams, which attest to a student’s readiness for further study, are prepared for by HHS.

Maryum Faruqi, the founder of HHS, and Qazi Issa worked for the National Guard Movement after immigrating to Pakistan to train girls and women for crises. She enrolled in the Mama Parsi School to take career classes. In February 1949, she established Happy Home School in her home with the admission of 5 children after seeing the critical need for high-quality education. It became impractical to run a school from home as enrollment expanded quickly. As a result, the school’s first structure was built in 1952 on Shaheed-e-Millat Road in Karachi. It’s in among the best schools in karachi.

Happy Home School Fee Structure 2024

The fee structure of the Happy Home School for O levels is as follows:

Admission Form Fee 200
Admission Test Fee 500
Admission Fee 20,000
Miscellaneous Charges 5000
Examination Charges 1000 (twice a year)
Transfer Fee From Matric To O-Levels 5000
Transfer Fee From O-Levels To Matric 5000


Class Monthly Fee Lab Fee Total
3rd Grade 11,000 500 11,500
4th Grade 11,000 500 11,500
5th Grade 11,000 500 11,500
6th Grade 11,000 500 11,500
7th Grade 11,700 500 12,200
8th Grade 12,000 500 12,500
9th Grade 14,850 500 15,350
10th Grade 14,850 500 15,350
11th Grade 14,850 500 15,350

Happy Home School Admission & Academics

HHS places a strong emphasis on students’ overall growth as well as their academic performance. Along with a solid educational program, the school also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities in which all students are encouraged to participate. Regardless of religion, caste, or creed, admission is available to everyone based on merit, and it will only be verified following a successful admissions test and interview.

The Happy Home School System is renowned for its academic quality. Graduates have gone on to make a name for themselves as scientists, engineers, businesspeople, doctors, teachers, and other professionals across the globe. This school offers a holistic learning approach to strike the ideal balance between academics, morals, and extracurricular pursuits.

Happy Home School Facilities

The Happy Home School is furnished with a library, science labs, and computers. Each campus contains a clinic and a medical assistant. The school plans field trips to supplement the lessons taught in the classroom with practical experiences.

The subjects currently taught in primary and secondary schools are: English, Mathematics, Sindhi Urdu (Matric), Social studies, geography, science Computer Science Music, Islamic Research studies of the Qur’an, and namaz.

Seniors may choose to take Physics and Chemistry together. Biology Added mathematics Computer Science Statistics Accounts Economics studies. After students in this school, students can get admission easily to the best colleges and universities in Karachi.

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