What is Nade Ali Dua

Naad-e-Ali, or Nade Ali, is a form of text considered sacred and holy by Muslims. It is often recited during times of crisis and trouble as a form of prayer. Through Archangel Jibraeel, Nade Ali is said to have come from the Holy Prophet. It was noted that Mawla Ali recited this particular text during the Khaybar Battle and managed to survive. Muslims have recited the Nade Ali for the following benefits since then:

Benefits of Nade Ali Dua

Here are some amazing benefits of Nade Ali due to all types of life problems.

1. For Nikah, According to Your Wishes

Every day after Fajr Prayer, recite 25 times the supplication of the Qibla, ask a different person to send you a proposal for your Nikah, and make dua.

2. Pious Children

For nine months, recite 41 times a day with a wazoo, and pray for the devout children. Additionally, recite it on water and toast the significant other.

3. Weak Memory Treatment

After reciting it seven times on salt, taste it six times every day before eating sustenance, before sleeping, and after waking, taste it for three months. After Fajr, recite 41 times every seven days for every wish.

4. The Benefits of Nade Ali for Marriage

If a young lady/kid wishes to marry, they should recite it 101 times with a beginning and a closing followed by 21 times of Darood Shareef. For 40 days.

5. To Avoid bad Habits

To prevent bad habits, recite Durood Sharif three times after Maghrib Namaz, beginning and ending with 40 times for 40 days, to avoid unfortunate propensities.

6. A Solution to the Problem

For 40 days, recite 1,25,000 times, or recite 1,25,000 times in a single day with wazoo and 11 times durood Shareef with consideration. During the season of Fajr or Isha, read this.

7. Nade Ali Benefits for Tensions/Wishes

Put your right-side mouth on sajda, recite 41 times Nad-e-Ali, then put your left-side mouth on sajda, recite 41 times, and then put your head on sajda to appeal to God for his wishes.

8. To Win the Case

Forty days after Isha, recite 101 times and ask on Thurs. of the new month.

9. For Shop Success

On all sides of the divider, recite 11 times daily, with the beginning and culmination being 11 times durood Shareef.

10. Nade Ali For Success

Over five days, recite 400 times to get success in your career and studies.


11. Removing Tension

It would help if you recited 11 times durood sharif at the beginning and end of the recitation.

12. Need for Wealth

When a man recites 99 times without speaking to anyone for three days after Fajr, he becomes rich.

13. Getting out of Jail/prison

Recite Darood Sharif 108 times with beginning and consummation 11 times after each petition. Recite it every day until flexibility is granted from jail or correctional facility.

14. Prayer of Extraordinary Power

Take a shower on Saturday, read 2 Rakats of salatul hajat, and then read Nad-e-Ali 12 times in the Masjid/Mosque for his desires, trusts, or anything else. Inshallah, they will succeed.

15. Assuring Prayer Fulfillment with Nade Ali

After taking a bath, spraying perfume on themself, reciting 2 Rakat Namaz e Hajjat Kazi-ul-Hajjat, closing the petition, reciting Nade Ali 1018 times, and making dua to Almighty Allah for the completion of the supplication and fulfillment of longings.

16. Achieving Success

Recite like that, and you should implore 2 Rakat Namaz e-wish/trust in the first Rakat after Surah Fathia, then read three times Surah Qul Huwallah, then forward/send or have hadia this Namaz to Hazrat Ali a.s and recite 70 times Nad-e-Ali (read like that for three days).

17. Protection from Enemies

A person surrounded by enemies should recite ‘Naad-e-Ali’ and throw it towards the enemies, preventing enemies from harming the person who recited it. Those afraid of enemies should recite it 27 times daily to humiliate them.

18. Protection from Evil Effect

If you wish to be protected from the evil effects of sorcery, recite seven times on the water, drink some of it, and take a bath with the remaining water.

19. To Cure an Incurable Disease

Give a sick person a glass of water and recite Naad-e-Ali 21 times to cure an incurable disease. The Naad-e-Ali prayer is recited 21 times on a china clay plate, washed with clean water, and given to the affected person as a drink to remove the poison.

20. To Get Rid of Disturbing Troubles

Recite Naad-e-Ali 1000 times in your home to get rid of disturbing troubles and worries.  It is believed that if you recite Naad-e-Ali 71 times and then go to that person who is displeased, you will begin to love and understand them.

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