Surah Al-Qamar

The chapter Al-Qamar, Arabic: al-Qamar, romanization: al-Qamar, lit. ‘The Moon’) of the Quran consists of 55 verses (ayat). Moon splitting is mentioned in the opening verses. Muslims also use the name “Qamar,” which means “Moon” in Arabic. It contains 55 verses and was revealed in Mecca. This surah is a Makki surah.

Their lots of benefits of Surah Qamar as it protects from shaytan and shirk, the reader’s face will shine on the Day of Judgment, and the reciter is rewarded after death that he will be at the mountain of Jannah.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Al-Qamar

Let’s Discuss in detail the surah Al-Qamar benefits, issues related to it, and why it is called Surah Qamar.

Radiant face on the day of Resurrection

A person who reads it will have a bright, radiant face on the Day of Judgment.

According to Imam Bayhaqi (رحمه الله) in Shuayb-ul-Iman narrated that Hazrat Ibn Abbas said:

“The Shining One” is the reciter of Iqtarabati (Surah 54 Al-Qamar) at night.

The person who reads it will have a bright, radiant face on the Day when the faces of believers (at the Resurrection) shine. (Shuayb-ul-Iman 2/490, Dur al-Manthur)

Protection from Shaytan and Shirk

Surah Qamar protects the reciter from shaytan and shirk. As Imam Daylami (رحمه الله) narrated from Hazrat ‘Aisha:

A person reciting Alif Lam Meem Tanzeelu (Surah 32 As-Sajdah), Surah Yaseen ( Ayat 36), Iqtarabati Assaatu (Surah 45 Al-Qamar), and Tabaraka Allathee Biyadihi Al-Mulk (Surah 67 Al-Mulk) will be illuminated by their light (Noor). He will not only be protected from Shaytan (Satan) and Shirk (polytheism) but also promoted on the Day of Qiyamah (Resurrection). (Al-Firdaws Bima Thur al-Khitab 5/425, Dur al-Manthur)

Surah Qamar Ayat 10 for Sickness Cure

Surah Qamar ayat 10 helps to cure such sicknesses that medicine doesn’t cure. If someone has such a sickness that the doctor doesn’t understand what it is and has no medicine to cure it, then recite surah Qamar ayat 10, and recite 313 times for 21 days below in the sky after that in water and drink it. The patient will be cured.

Face will shine like the Moon of the Fourteenth Night

Whoever recites surah Qamar on alternate nights until his death, may God bless him and his family.  And at the Day of Judgment, his face will shine like the full moon of the fourteenth night

According to Imam Ibn Dharis recorded from the sanad (citation) of Laith an-Muan an-Shaikh from Hamdan, who narrated:

“Whoever recites Iqtarabati Assaatu on alternate nights until his death, and May God bless him and his family, will meet God (on the Day of Resurrection) so that his face will shine like the full moon of the fourteenth night (i.e.).” (Dur al-Manthur)

At the Mount of Jannah

Surah Qamar reciter will be sitting on a mountain of Jannah. According to Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq:

When the one who recites Surat Al-Qamar awakens from his grave, he will sit on a mount from Jannah. (Fawaid-e-Qur’an)

Surah Qamar Ayat 45 for Solving Problems

In Surah al Qamar ayat 45, recite it 41 times in order to overcome all mistakes or difficulties that you might be going through and to remove problems and fears from your life.

Is there a Reason Why the Surah is called Al-Qamar?

The al-Qamar surah, like other Quranic surahs, was included in the Noble Qur’an and revealed from Allah, and no noble prophetic hadith about its name was reported. Still, its name was given for its distinction from other surahs.

Al-Qamar is a different name that no other name resembles, but Surat Al-Shams is almost the same way.

Similarly, the name Qamar surah follows this tradition in choosing and specifying the names of the surahs. In its verses, it begins with that name. Allah Almighty describes the splitting of the moon as an event associated with the approaching Hour in these words: (The Hour drew near, and the moon split)

The Period of Revelation

It is based on the incident of the Shaq-al-Qamar (splitting of the moon), which determines its period of revelation precisely. Five years before the Prophet’s migration to Madinah, this incident occurred at Mina in Makkah.

Divine Laws, Guidance, and Major Issues

  • The Day of Judgment is approaching, but the unbelievers ignore the signs of Allah.
  • The Qur’an’s admonition is easy to understand, so are there any who will take it seriously?
  • It shows how terrible Allah’s scourge was and how clear His warning was through the story of Thamud and Lut calling their Prophet liars.
  • Fir’on’s people were seized for disbelieving Allah’s warning. Do you intend to disregard the notice that has been given to you?

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