Surah Noor

Prophet Muhammad revealed Surah Noor as part of the Noble Quran during his stay in Medina (Madani Surah)as the 24th chapter of the Noble Quran. As a result of the repetition of this word seven times, this Surah is called Noor, which means Light; there is a verse in the Surah that talks about God as the Light of the heavens and earth. Several Islamic rulings, including the hijab, are also addressed in Surah Noor. There are lots of benefits of reciting surah Al-Noor for skin problems (Face Beauty), Protecting your property, preserving your chastity, and helping to protect yourself from the evil eye. 

Benefits of Surah Noor

When a person reads any surah of the Quran, he gets a lot of benefits and virtues. Similarly, the reciter of Surah Noor will be blessed with the following benefits throughout his life:

The Prophet (PBUH has said:

“Whoever recites Surah Noor, God will give him rewards ten times more than the number of all men and women believers in the past and in the future.” Ṭabrisī, Majmaʿ al-bayān, vol. 7, p. 216.

Imam Sadiq has said:

“Protect your property and preserve your chastity by reading Sura An-Noor and immunize your wives against deviations through obeying its commandments, because whoever continues reading this Holy Surah every day and night, none of his family members will commit indecency as long as he lives.” Ṣadūq, Thawāb al-aʿmāl, p. 109.

It is also narrated from the Prophet (s) that it is among the rights of a daughter upon her father to teach her Sura al-Noor. Ṭūsī, Tahdhīb al-aḥkām, vol. 8, p. 112.

It is also narrated from Imam Ali (a) that he (a) ordered, “teach Sura al-Noor to your women in which there is good advice.” Kulaynī, al-Kāfī, vol. 5, p. 516.

According to narration, one must recite Surah Noor to safeguard one’s sexual instinct. A person who recites Surah Noor often will not commit fornication in their family, and seventy angels will accompany them to the grave and pray and ask forgiveness on their behalf after death.

Benefits for Face Beauty or Skin Problems

Surah Noor is very helpful for skin problems. If you have spots, marks, acne or any other problems on your skin face then recite surah Noor regularly and with the blessing of ALLAH, all of your skin problems will be healed.

Other benefits include:

  • Preventing wet dreams (Baḥrānī, al-Burhān, vol. 4, p. 43.)
  • If verse 40 is recited, someone who has fled can return

If anyone constantly recites Surah Noor, he will not see any evil from his near ones during his lifetime, and seventy thousand angels will accompany his body to the grave and pray for his forgiveness at his death, according to Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.).

Facts about Surah Noor

God revealed Surah Noor to Prophet Muhammad in Medina as the 24th Surah of the Quran. Because this word is repeated seven times in this Surah, it has been named Noor, which means Light. The Surah Noor contains a lot of famous verses about different religious rulings, such as punishment for fornication, accusing chaste women of indecency, and wearing a hijab. The verse of Noor or Light in this Surah is the most important because it introduces God as the Light of the heavens and the earth.

Guidance Mentioned in Surah Noor

As a result of the slander against Sayyidah Aeysha, this Surah was revealed to strengthen the moral fiber of Muslim society. To reform the Muslim community, the following laws and guidelines are provided:

  • All Muslims are innocent until proven guilty, so relationships within the Muslim community should be built on good faith, not suspicion.
  • It is illegal to enter another person’s house without permission.

Instructions for Women

  • It is a universal rule that men and women should lower their gazes whenever they contact each other.
  • When women leave their homes, they are advised to cover their heads and breasts, not to display their beauty except to their servants or those relatives with whom marriage is forbidden, to hide their charms, and to refrain from wearing jingling ornaments.
  • Older women may set aside their head coverings during their home time but should refrain from displaying their adornments.
  • Due to the likelihood of indecency among unmarried people, marriage is encouraged and mandated even for slaves.

Instructions about Slaves

  • There is strong opposition to slavery. Under the law of Mukatabat (contract), slave owners are required to give financial assistance to slaves to earn their freedom.
  • Slave girls are prohibited from prostitution since prostitution was confined exclusively to this class in Arabia.
  • Even one’s children, including servants, are expected to respect privacy in the home. No one should enter anyone’s private room without permission, especially in the morning, noon, or night.
  • As a way to develop close relationships, Muslims eat together at mealtimes. No formal invitation is required for relatives and close friends to eat at each other’s homes.
  • It is stated that there are apparent differences between believers and hypocrites to enable Muslims to distinguish between them. Furthermore, disciplinary measures are adopted within the community to strengthen it and discourage its enemies from creating mischief.

Noor or Light is one of the most famous verses of the Quran, found in Surah Noor. There are also many religious rulings regarding indecency, fornication, and forbidding the spread of indecency in the surah. Probably the most important verse in this surah is the verse on hijab, which explains how men and women should act and cover themselves. The surah Noor is highly recommended for women to recite because it increases their chastity and also their face beauty. Hopefully, we will recite this surah from time to time and benefit from it.

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