The traditional capital of Lahore is called the hub of Pakistani culture which comprises unique and colorful traditions of people from different regions. Due to the fact that Lahore comprises most of the artifacts, traditional cuisines, festivals, literature, and historic buildings, it is also the crucial spiritual hub and many tourists like to visit here to get to know more about its culture, traditions, and heritage. There is an old saying about the city that “Anyone who hasn’t visit Lahore truly hasn’t lived”. The Lahoris are very warmhearted and hospitable. When they want to emphasize the beauty or any other fact about Lahore they say that “Lahore is Lahore”.

The places in Lahore that are best to live in, where we can find peace, calmness, best security, source of entertainment, and other necessities of life easily are as follows:

The most expensive and safe places to live in Lahore:

The infra-structure, geographical location and the layout of any place make it expensive. The most expensive areas of Lahore include DHA and Bahria Town. It’s the main geographical location and infrastructure that prioritized them as the most expensive one. The safest areas of Lahore include the Cantonment board and DHA. It’s the security and protective measures of these areas that make them securest out of all. There are many best schools in Lahore are also located in these areas. Here is more detail of these areas:

Defense Housing Authority (DHA)

Defense Housing Authority (DHA) is one of the most secure locations to live in Lahore. Unlike the different regions the ratio of avenue crimes, activities of thefts, and other crimes are very low. Keeping the security of their citizens as their first priority they make the surroundings safe and secure. They keep the security of their citizens with the help of a large network of security cameras and armed forces.

There is likewise sophisticated business vicinity within Defense Housing Authority Lahore. People can get to shop the national and international brands from the shopping malls. There is also a sports complex in DHA for the people of all the regions. DHA also offer the facility of club and gyms, eating places, restaurants, movie theaters, best educational institutes, libraries, health care units, pharmacies, graveyards, and mosques, etc. Apart from the giant industrial vicinity, there are various amusement possibilities for the people. Different exhibitions, community get together, sports events, fashion exhibitions, and kid’s parties take place in Defense Housing Authority.

The infrastructure and layout of the whole society are well designed and organized, where you can feel the serenity, quietness, and calmness. Due to its well-organized structure, the residents of the Defense Housing Authority can experience the elite lifestyle.

Cantonment (Cantt) Lahore:

Cantonment (Cantt) Lahore is also known as Army land. In terms of security, Cantt is also one of the most secure places to live in Lahore. It keeps its residents safe and secure with the help of check posts, armed forces, and security cameras. The places like fortress stadium, parks and square mall in Cantt make the area more important in the means of entertainment.

The infra-structure of Cantt is well planned and organized with wide roads, parks, educational institutes, markets, and health care facilities. Keeping the satisfaction of their residents as first priority the Cantonment Board aims to offer high-quality services to its residents so that they can experience the perk of a decent lifestyle and leave a feasible environment for their coming generations. In terms of cleanliness cantonment (Cantt) board never disappoint its residents.

Gulberg Lahore:

Gulberg is another most exclusive place to live in Lahore due to its well-designed residential and commercial community. Gulberg is also known as the commercial center of Lahore due to its large number of restaurants, shopping malls, schooling institutes, hospitals, sports clubs, famous markets, commercial plazas, franchises, and other commercial facilities, etc. Due to the presence of Ghalib market, Liberty market, and Gaddafi stadium which is the sports hub in Lahore, Gulberg is a very important location of Lahore.

The infra-structure of the area is well planned with wide roads, green spaces, and calm surroundings. As the administrative town of Lahore, another perk of Gulberg is that it is the house of many mosques and few churches where people of different faiths come to worship. As the commercial center of Lahore, it offers many investment facilities to people in the form of featured shops, offices buying, and renting properties.

Bahria Town:

Bahria Town is the transformation of the sustainable vision of great infra-structure into reality. It combines the luxuries of Mother Nature with a modern lifestyle. The visions of extensive green lands with the rich historic land make Bahria Town a very unique and versatile surrounding to live in. Here you can find the farm houses, bungalows, and economy houses and apartments easily. Many advanced amusement parks, movie theaters, and other places are there to entertain you.

You can find many commercial facilities in Bahria Town to step into your bright future. There are also Golf courses and Golf clubs for sports lovers. The presence of the latest health care facilities, educational institutes and restaurants make Bahria Town an idle location to live in. The commercial and business facilities there make Bahria Town a very developing community for one self.

Model Town:

 Model Town falls on the fifth place to live in Lahore. Model Town Administration ensures the security of its citizens with the help of gates and forces at the each entrance and exit. The ratio of crimes is getting very low by the gates and its security. Model Town is also well known due to its vast parks and large boulevards. It provides the wide range of sports facility to its residents. The sports facilities include football academy, football club, Cricket academy and cricket club for the sports lovers.

The library in the F block contains about forty thousand books which enhance the knowledge of many people. The facility of shopping malls and markets are easily accessible. Although the prices are a bit high over there but the lifestyle is very better there. Model Town contains the best schooling and educational institutes for our future professionals. In terms of infra-structure and layout Model Town is very unique and posh location of Lahore to live in.

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