Surah Al-Jummah

The surah is named after the day of assemblage (Friday). This is the 62nd surah of the Quran, containing 11 verses. The surah is located at 28 juz. Surah 622-629AD was revealed in two segments in Madina between 622 and 629AD. This surah is a Madani surah in quran.

There are lots of benefits of Surah Jumah. It provides protection from shaytan, recites for forgiveness, provides protection from the evil eye, benefits in marriage and married life, and helps in success.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Al-Jummah

The benefits of reading surah Jumah on Friday are countless. if you recite it after Jummah prayer you will get countless blessings from ALLAH. Therefore, now I will tell you about this surah’s incredible advantages.

Evil Protection

Reciting this surah both morning and night is beneficial to protect yourself from evil spirits.

Forgiveness of Sins

It is important to note that the main benefit of the surah jummah is that Allah forgives the sins of the person that recites it.

Protect from all Fears

It is not necessary to fear the person who recites this surah regularly so long as he recites it every night and day. In addition, Allah will protect him from dangerous and harmful things.

For Success In Carrier

You should do this wazifa if you want success in all your business endeavors. Perform this recitation three times after the tahajjud prayer and for 40 days. You will succeed in your field with Allah’s help.

Leave Your Work

A message is conveyed in this surah to the reciter that you should leave all your important work at home. On this day of prayer, angels are standing at the door of mosques. They write the names of everyone who comes to offer prayer.

The goal is to be Punctual

Recite this surah once after Asar prayer dua for 40 days if you are not punctual with time and prayers. The grace of Allah will make you punctual, inshaAllah.

Follow the Sunnah

It is sunnah to recite this surah with surah Ala on Friday night. And recite this surah with surah munafiqoon after Zuhr prayer because our Prophet (P.B.U.H.) once did this.

A Great Reward

In Muslim-majority areas, reciting this surah is equal to those who come for Jumma prayer and those who don’t. According to Al-Tha’labi (may God have mercy on him),

If a person recites Surah al-Jumu’ah, they will receive a reward equal to how many people come to Jumu’ah and how many do not. (Al-Kashf wa’l-Bayan 9/305)

Benefits of the first four Ayats of Surah Jummah

In terms of increasing treasure and wealth, the first four ayats of this surah are especially significant. You can earn more money by reciting the first four verses of this surah every day.

Marriage Benefits

You should recite surah ikhlas 11 times before getting married and then recite it 21 times after the isha prayer if you experience difficulties getting married. Recite the 101 Ayat ulkursi. Allah will remove all obstacles from your marriage, Insha’Allah.

For Husband Love

This surah is the best way to create love between a couple who fights and misbehaves. After the fajr prayer, one of them should recite this surah three times and blow on the water, then drink it themselves and give it to his partner. They will no longer harbour hatred for each other inshaAllah.

The Main Theme of Surah Al-Jumu’ah

In this surah, the Muslims gathered at one place every week to offer Friday prayers. This surah is also known as Al-Musabbihat. It opens with Allah’s praise, which is why this surah begins with recognition. According to the Surah, Arabian Jews have a careless attitude toward following God’s instructions and excessive involvement in worldly affairs. They only denied the prophet (P.B.U.H.) since he was with the people; they considered him beneath them.

After some battles, all Jews of Arabia bowed to the same Islam they had previously rejected.

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