Surah Al-Qariah

The 101st chapter of the Quran is the Surah Al Qaria. This Makki surah was revealed between 613-615 AD. The Surah consists of 11 verses. It contains almost 28 unique words without repetition. This surah was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.UH) within the first few years after announcing his prophethood. Its name, Al-Qari’ah, comes from the first verse, which describes Resurrection Day and its preliminary events.

The Surah Al-Qariah Benefits make this Surah even more special. As it provides protection from Dajjal, increases one’s sustenance, protects from hell stinks, and helps with finical difficulties.


  • “The Calamity”
  • “What is the Calamity
  • “And what makes you aware of what the Calamity is?”
  • “(It is) a Day whereon men will be like moths scattered about,”
  • “And the mountains will be like carded wool.”
  • “So, he whose scales (of good deeds) are heavy,”
  • “He will be in a life well-pleasing.”
  • “And he whose scales (of good deeds) are light,”
  • “Then his abode will be Hawiyah’ (the abyss).”
  • “And what makes you know what that (abyss) is?”
  • “(It is) a Raging Fire.”

Benefits of  Surah Al-Qariah

Here are the benefits of Surah Qariah:

Protection from Dajjal

On the day of the judgment, if someone recites this Surah, Allah will protect him from the evil eye of Dajjal. Furthermore, Allah will save him from the horrors of Hell and fire that day.

As Imam Muhammad al-Baqir said

“He who recites Al-Qari’ah, Allah secures him from the calamity of (believing in) Dajjal (the deceiver) and also from the hideousness of Hell on the Day of Judgement, Allah willing,” (Majma’-al-Bayan)

Increases one’s sustenance

Whoever recites this surah will help to increase one’s sustenance. According to Sayyid Mustafa Musawi writes:

Recitation of Surah Al-Qari’ah in prayers increases one’s sustenance. (Fawaid-e-Quran)

Protection Against Hell’s Stink

Whoever recites this surah will provide protection against hell’s stink. According to a narration from Ja’far bin Muhammad al-Sadiq (peace be on him),

 One who recites this chapter will “receive security from Allah against the dissension of the anti-Christ, against believing in the latter, and against hell’s stink.” Qarai translation. Al-Islam

Judgment Day Reward

On the Day of Resurrection, God will weigh down all good deeds performed by the recited Sura al-Qari’ah. According to a hadith by Ubayy b. Ka’b states that:

” If someone recites Surah al-Qari’a on the Day of Resurrection, God Himself will weigh down his good deeds. The Imam al-Baqir (a) narrates that those who recite Sura al-Qari’ah will be protected from Dajjal and Hell on the Day of Resurrection”. Ṭabrisī, Majmaʿ al-bayān, vol. 10, p. 806.

Prevent Poverty

Recite Surah or write it on white paper and display it around your home to eradicate poverty. Prosperity will come to your house instead of poverty.

Increasing Business

After fajr prayer, if you are reciting quran daily then must recite this surah because it will boost your business. This benefit will promote a business as part of the Surah al Qari’ah benefits. Such as;

  • Suppose you need help running your business. After that, recite this Surah. As your business grows, you will earn more money.
  • Your business will be more profitable if you do this. Then write the Surah and wear it as an amulet around your neck or arm.

Helps in Finical Difficulties

If a businessman/businesswoman faces financial difficulties, keeping Surat in his possession will open the doors of sustenance. The recitation of this Surah in prayers also increases one’s sustenance. To boost your business, recite.

Significance of Surah Al-Qariah

On the day of the Judgement, this Surah focuses on a person’s faith, the faith on that day, and the calamities affecting that day. Moreover, it examines how decisions will be made on that particular day.

Virtues of Surah Al-Qariah

Ibn Abbas said about

﴾ القارعة ﴿

The Striking Calamity (101:1)

That al-Qaari’ah is from one of the names of Yawm al-Qiyamah (Day of Resurrection and Judgement). (Tafsir al-Tabari, Dur al-Manthur)

Rasulullah said

(Surah) Hood and its sisters –Al-Waqiah, Al Qaariah, Al Haqqah and Idha sh-amssu kuwwirat and Sa-aala saa’il have made my hair grey (Da’eef Jami’ al Sagheer 3418)

Surah Al-Qariah Main Theme

This Surah revolves around the day of the Judgement. According to this Surah, disaster will strike on that day. There will be a lot of confusion, and people will run madly. No one will be able to identify his dear one. In this Surah, Qariah is portrayed in its entirety.

However, this Surah also gives good news about Jannah to virtuous people.

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